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Pulitzer Prize Nominated

A Heart-Warming, Award-Winning Novel
About One Woman’s Journey

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Join Judith as she goes on an introspective journey.


Grace Lee has a dying wish: For her extremely successful granddaughter, Judith, to travel from Los Angeles to Nashville to come visit her. But there’s a catch. Judith must make the journey by bus.

Each day of Judith’s journey becomes a story on its own, as the people she meets and places she visits along the way challenge her to rethink her life.

Bullied by classmates as a child, Judith’s now extraordinary wealth has allowed her to build a protective cocoon surrounding her adult life. But is she happy?

Grace’s wish for the bus trip forces Judith back into the real world as it challenges her to reconnect with ordinary people…and her humble roots.

Finding Grace allows you to join Judith on her transformational and inspirational journey filled with laughter, tears, and the answer to what’s really important in life.