News Updates About Finding Grace

12/7/21 “During the Break” podcast:


1/9/22 Authority Magazine (Medium):


2/3/22 Greeneville Sun:


2/26/22 Chattanooga Times Free Press:


2/28/22 Hasty Book List:


3/15/22 The Tom Sumner Show:


3/15/2022 Chapter Break Book Blog:


3/15/22 The Pick of the Literate:


3/16/22 Girl Who Reads:


3/16/22 Virtual Book Tour:


3/16/22 Operation Awesome:


3/16/2022: WREG Memphis - Live at 9 Interview


4/1/2022: News Channel9 Chattanooga – This N That Show Interview


5/2/2022: The Author Show Interview - With a Short Finding Grace Reading by Gary Lee Miller

5/11/2022: The Hollywood Times Interview Article


5/17/2022: NADLA “Coffee in the Clouds” Interview


7/13/2022: Notified of Finding Grace’s nomination and approval for consideration for the 2023 Pulitzer Prize in the Fiction Book category


7/21/2022: “During the Break” podcast: